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Commando Cody is the hero in two 12-chapter Science Fiction serials made by Republic Pictures, played by George Wallace in 1952's Radar Men From The Moon and Judd Holdren in 1953's Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of The Universe.


George D. Wallace

(1917 - 2005)


Judd Holdren

(1915 - 1974)

The inception of Commando Cody actually began in 1949 with the film serial King of The Rocket Men. Though in that 1949 serial the hero was not named Commando Cody. The serials that came later for Commando Cody used the same rocket man outfit as the 1949 serial. To many fans opinions Republic Pictures mishandled the Commando Cody brand by rushing production changing actors throughout the series, reusing scenes from previous episodes. What the company didn’t realize at the time was that Commando Cody was way before its time. It was fresh and exciting.


Sky Marshal of The Universe was produced as a prequel to Radar Men From The Moon and Zombies of The Stratosphere where you get to learn the name of Commander Cody. In Sky Marshal he was more superhero scientist.

For the die hard Commando Cody fan you will be able to watch the serials and read the comic strip and see how it all connects into one beautiful story for our hero. Timeline provided below so it will be easy to watch the serial and then dive into the comic strips.


Now Commando Cody Monthly will connect the dots from The King of The Rocket Men to Radar Men From The Moon. The reader will be immersed in monthly installments in a comic strip form as remanence to the old comic strips of the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Go back in time to that bygone era and read Commander Cody!



​​​King of The Rocket Men

1949 Republic Film Serial

Commando Cody - Sky Marshal of The Universe

1953 Republic Film Serial


​Commando Cody Returns

Comic strip by Davidson L. Haworth/Chris Marrinan


Planet Men From Mars

Comic strip by Davidson L. Haworth/Chris Marrinan


Zombies of The Stratosphere

1952 Republic Film Serial


​Radar Men From The Moon

1952 Republic Film Serial

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