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Davidson L. Haworth. writer for Commando Cody Monthly, started his writing career at the age of six where he wrote screenplays and had them performed in school assemblies in San Jose, California.


He would continue writing into his teen years and finally ended up working for a big fantasy publisher. He later became an independent writer with many screenplays under his belt, and several books.


His most recognizable book series (The Prali Series) is sold internationally. The most popular book in the series is The Defenders of Prali. Other titles include The Dragon of Prali, The Wizard of Prali, and The Vampires of Prali. His most recent book The Icarus Project is a collection of short stories of every genre.

Davidson is also the writer of Sumo Geisha comic book (art by Tobe Daranouvong) and Team Colossus comics (art by Chris Marrinan, Luis Rivera and Warren Montgomery).

Davidson has been a Commando Cody fan for many years and specializes in the series including his love for classic Doctor Who, and other film serials from the 1940’s and 1950’s.

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